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Interior Design & Space Planning

  • Our NCIDQ licensed interior designers and design team will assist with all facets of your project. We can provide design and space planning services on a contract basis for both new projects and for reconfiguring your existing space.
  • Design Process: this is an interactive process between our design team and the decision-makers on your staff. We will provide design options to facilitate your decision-making process. We can provide furniture samples, trial chairs and sample accessories for your staff to test. We can also provide fabric/finish boards along with detailed 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualize how your project will look when completed.
  • We apply our knowledge in design, space planning and ergonomics to make your office as productive as possible. Wiley Office Furniture uses sophisticated software and resources to help optimize your space, furniture and equipment.
    • Space Planning: Most offices have primary and secondary work areas for paperwork, computer activities and different types of projects. We use our design resources to share various layouts that can help you develop a highly functional and versatile floor plan.
    • Ergonomics: Ergonomics is the science of workplace design. It is the study of how a workplace and the equipment used can be best designed for comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity. We begin by looking at the job functions of your staff.. This information guides us in recommending both the configuration of the work areas and composition of the furniture and accessories in the work areas. Proper ergonomics is essential for a productive work place for your staff that also reduces office-related injuries.
    • Flexibility & Scalability: Your office environment will require frequent modifications as the size of your staff changes and the job functions are re-aligned. We will provide a design that is both flexible and scaleable. Flexible design utilizes modular furniture that can be altered to fit changing layouts without extensive labor or disruption. Scaleable design incorporates modular furniture that can be easily added to and reconfigured as the size of your office changes.
  • Design & Planning Technology
    • Wiley Office Furniture uses computer-aided drafting and design systems (AutoCAD) to design, plan and specify your project. These systems give an accurate and properly scaled representation of the workspace. This also gives you an accurate visualization of your project options prior to ordering, by incorporating our drawings into your architect’s AutoCAD drawing for earlier coordination with our contractors.